Counselling Services

In student Services, individual counselling is available for career, academic, and personal issues:

1. Career Counselling

Counsellors guide students to:

  • Become aware of who you are, your interests, values, and talents

  • Become aware of what you need to enrol in university, college or apprenticeship

  • Learn about the factors involved in choosing a career path

  • Become aware of specific strategies to achieve your career goals

  • Become aware of careers that interest you

  • Research different career fields

  • Access career interest testing to identify suitable careers for you

2. Academic Counselling

Counsellors provide guidance that will:

  • Enable you to select courses of study which meet your needs, interests and talents

  • Help you resolve problems you may have with your timetable

  • Provide you with opportunities to explore careers through job shadowing and co-op

  • Provide you with the study skills needed to do well in your courses

  • Develop a realistic education plan so that you select the courses that are needed for your educational choices

  • Teach you about applying to university, college, apprenticeship and other training programs

  • Teach you how to access available resources (computer and print)

  • Provide you with opportunities to prepare for post-secondary programs

3. Personal Counselling

Young people struggle with personal issues and crises which impact on everyday learning and academic success. Obviously, these issues can distract from school and must be taken seriously if students are to achieve in school and life. Counsellors offer:

  • Confidential discussion of personal issues

  • Choices available in dealing with problems

  • Conflict resolution techniques

  • Problem solving techniques

  • Help in setting personal priorities and goals

  • Referral to school and community resources

Additional services
All referrals for additional supports must go through the guidance counsellor. Make an appointment to see your counsellor if you want a referral to any of the services below:

Kelly Moore - Rideauwood Addictions Counsellor
This service is for students who are dealing with personal addictions---drugs, alcohol, video/computer games---or with family members who are struggling with addictions.

Laura Valcin - OCDSB Social Worker
This service is for students and parents who are struggling with financial needs, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and  home life issues etc.

Krista Edwards - OCDSB Psychologist
This service is for students who are struggling academically and require Psych-Ed assessments.

Lizlyn Porras - Itinerant Youth Worker, OCDSB Mental Health and Critical Services
This service provides counselling and coaching around strategies to deal with anxiety, anger, self regulation, barriers to success using a Collaborative Problem Solving and trauma informed approach.

Abdullahi Hersi - Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO)
Multicultural Liaison's work directly in the school's serving immigrant students, parents, school staff and the community in more than 20 languages.

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