Our School

Hillcrest HS

We acknowledge that our learning is taking place on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory. We thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us and recognize their enduring presence on this land.

Our School

Hillcrest High School has proudly prepared three generations of students from the Ottawa South community for the world of work, college, apprenticeships, and university. Hillcrest has a tradition of setting high standards and we continue to embrace new technologies to engage our learners. Our motto is "Soar to Excellence". Our staff continue to provide enhanced learning opportunities for our students through activities, alternative learning methods, and educational field trip experiences. Citizenship is an important part of our goals and our students have raised over $500,000 to support cancer research! Our facility offers support to academic, technological, computer information, artistic, and athletic programming. Through a partnership with the OCDSB and a community organization, we have an artificial turf field for our students and community use. Hillcrest has programming options to support the young people in our community and we welcome you to our school!

Our Students

Hillcrest welcomes a diverse student population. Our students come to us from our feeder schools including Vincent Massey PS, Alta Vista PS, Featherstone PS, Hawthorne PS, and Roberta Bondar PS. We also have a history of welcoming and supporting international students who are seeking to broaden their learning by studying in Canada. Many of our students seek post -secondary education and are supported by scholarships and bursaries. Highlights each year include the international trips and exchanges that staff organize to broaden our students learning experiences.

Our Staff

Our teachers, educational assistants, support, and care staff are our key resources in providing an excellent learning environment. Parents and students describe our staff as dedicated, knowledgeable, committed, and caring. Professional development is a key focus for staff as they work to enhance student learning opportunities.

Mission Statement

With mutual respect and celebrating human persity, Hillcrest High School strives for excellence to impact our world through leadership, compassion, knowledge, and integrity.

Our Community

We welcome and encourage volunteers in our school. Parents and other volunteers have contributed a great deal of time and support towards making Hillcrest a warm and caring place to be. The School Council is a volunteer group of parents/guardians, community representatives, teaching and non-teaching staff, and students. School Council is dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities and partnerships with the community. Meetings are held in our library on the fourth Tuesday of each school month (except December and June) beginning at 7:00 pm. Parents are encouraged to attend and become actively involved in making Hillcrest “Soar to Excellence."

Facilities and Resources

The school has the many advantages of a traditional building including:

  • Comprehensive classrooms, arts, and science facilities.

  • A 700 seat auditorium and a modern library.

  • A double gym with permanent bleachers and a smaller gym.

  • Five computer labs.

  • Dedicated classrooms for Transportation Technology (Auto), Electrical, Drafting, and Communications Technology.

  • Two full-sized playing fields.

  • A FIFA regulation-size artificial turf field!

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

Hillcrest offers an academic program leading to a wide range of post-secondary options. Our students continue their learning at college or university, through apprenticeship programs, while others move onto the world of work. Whatever the goal, we want to support our students so that they can be successful at all that they do! Specialty programs include: The Focus Program - Manufacturing Technology, French Immersion, International Languages, Outdoor Education, Food and Nutrition, Broad-based Technology and Computer Science, Cooperative Education and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). We also offer University Advanced Placement exams (AP) and comprehensive programs in traditional academics, arts, physical education, student leadership (LINK), technology, and business.

Hillcrest is one of six OCDSB secondary schools piloting the new International Certificate Program. This program recognizes students who demonstrate a commitment to global citizenship through the study of an international language other than English or French, complete internationally focused course work in some of their senior classes, and participate in an internationally focused project. More information on this program can be found here.

Classroom Organization

Hillcrest High School offers grades 9 through 12 courses on a semester timetable. Students also have shared activities that include social issues, goal setting, multicultural experiences and education planning.

Special Education and ESL Programs

Resource support and educational assessments are under the direction of our Learning Support Teachers. Educational Assistants and Board Special Services staff also provide assistance to students. A designated classroom is set aside to provide students with academic support and we have added a designated classroom for Student Success. Hillcrest also offers a Developmental Disabilities Program and an Asperger's Program, both of which support our students to reach their full potential.

Clubs and Activities

Our clubs, teams, and student organizations are the source of our spirit at Hillcrest! Students have the opportunity to display their talents and achievements in drama productions, music performances, visual arts displays, Leadership initiatives, athletics, and community involvement. We are successful participants in inter-scholastic sports and have a strong intramural program including Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Rugby, Swimming, and Track and Field. New clubs and opportunities develop each year including Link, Percussion, and Athletic Leadership. Our Fitness club provides cardio and resistance equipment, and instruction and information of proper fitness training. Students are always welcome and encouraged to participate in our many clubs and activities.

Safe Schools Initiatives

Hillcrest's Code of Conduct is based on Ontario Ministry of Education Policy and Program Memorandums and OCDSB Policies and Procedures.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, Hillcrest offers other safe school initiatives which include: Multi-Cultural

Awareness, Girls' and Boys' Support Groups, Early Intervention Program (EIP), Gay and Straight Alliance, and First Aid/CPR Training, and Anti-bullying programming.

Achievement and School Improvement Planning

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Hillcrest High School follows the guidelines set out in the OCDSB Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluation. These are available on the Board's website'. Through our Careers course delivered at the grade 10 level, each Hillcrest High School student is provided with a school folder to record the student's efforts in the four focal areas of academic achievement, leadership experience, citizenship, and activities (including teams, clubs and special events). These folders provide direction and serve as examples of student success in each of the four focal areas, an excellent resource for use with applications to university, college, apprenticeship, or the world of work. Student interest and involvement in contests, school teams, the intramural program, arts activities, community initiatives, and special events generate significant success. Local and national level honours have been recorded by Hillcrest students. We are very proud of the commitment demonstrated by our students. Each year we celebrate the academic, athletic, and artistic accomplishments of our students through Awards events, Athletic competition and various artistic presentations. We post our students achievements throughout the school to allow us all to see how we all shine in different ways. That helps us all realize how we can contribute to society in many different ways. We continue to administer the French Advanced Placement program and our overall results continue to be very strong. The majority of our students achieved sufficient levels to use their results for university or college credits. The Mathematics and English Departments review results from the OCDSB Quality Assurance Mathematics Diagnostic Test and EQAO testing information to support our professional growth to challenge students and support their learning needs.

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

Our School Improvement Team meets throughout the year to review our data and apply that to our improvement plan. Our team focuses on identifying supports, strategies, and technologies that will enhance student learning while providing staff with collaborative time to refine strategies and reflect on the effectiveness of those strategies. Our goal is always on Student Improvement; always raising the bar! Student achievement is monitored through a review of the results of board wide and EQAO/OSSLT examinations. These include the Grade 9 provincial wide Math test and the Grade 10 Literacy test). This information is shared with staff to assist in planning. Course medians are reviewed each reporting period with each department reviewing the subject data and implementing intervention strategies to improve student achievement. Students who are experiencing challenges will meet with Student Services and the administrative team to review their plan and identifies areas of needed support. The Character Education Program continues to be an essential part of Hillcrest involving student, staff, administration and School Council and continues to support our goal to enhance our schools' culture and commitment to our community. Technology is a valuable tool in providing services to students, parents, and community. We continue to add resources and develop procedures that integrate computer technology into delivery of curriculum, student use, database management, and communication. Our counsellors are available to provide academic, career, or personal counselling in addition to running special student support centered projects. Our Student Success focus is very proactive. We have a series of initiatives in the school that support students throughout their learning to provide every opportunity for success!

Leadership Recognition

"Leadership in the OCDSB is the demonstration of personal initiative to achieve a positive outcome."


Each year, several Hillcrest Student Council representatives receive leadership training through an OCDSB Leadership Training Program. In turn, Student Council provides ongoing leadership to the student body through its active promotion of school spirit and community. The dances, charitable fundraisers, and spirit building activities are only a few of the contributions of this group. Through clubs and activities such as the Breakfast Club, the Impact Club, Peer Helpers, and the Multicultural Club, students provide leadership and support to their peers and the community while modelling strong citizenship traits. Our students are also recognized for their leadership in athletics and the arts, both inpidually and as groups. Recognition is provided both formally and informally through the granting of awards, especially at the Fall Awards Ceremony and the June Commencement Ceremony, and through celebrations such as the Athletic Banquet and Arts Night. Community organizations also provide recognition, and acknowledgements are made through school announcements, newsletters, and assemblies. 


Administration, teachers, office and support staff form the Hillcrest team which provides leadership, direction and support in the achievement of our educational goals. Our highly qualified staff not only participate in ongoing Board sponsored and other professional development activities, but are also involved in initiatives designed to promote student growth and character development. This year, staff expressed interest in, sought professional development in, and planned and implemented a highly successful LINK program designed to connect senior student s with grade 9 students to provide a smooth and successful transition into high school while providing support throughout the year as students meet new experiences such as exams and course selections. Our staff are recognized for their achievements and for their contributions to student success. There is acknowledgement between peers, recognition at staff meetings, in weekly updates, cards of thanks, performance appraisals, and reports to School Council.


We thank the volunteers who contribute their skills and knowledge to assist our students academically, in athletics, and as contributing members of the community. From tutoring and coaching, to helping students understand their role as citizens, our volunteers provide a valuable service. Our School Council which meets monthly donates its time and expertise to the well -being of our students and staff. This invaluable partnership is recognized through school newsletters, at assemblies, and in our Principal's report to School Council.

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